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Angel Hu
Hu Am I
About Me

I am a creative entrepreneur/Organizational Psychologist/ritual designer, based in Southern California.


I am committed to taking each moment as an invitation to learn, to practice forgiveness, to love, to cultivate wisdom. 

Earlier in my career, I peeled off layers of the human psyche through doing research on unconscious biases. Later on, I ran into a rabbit hole of group dynamics. Now, I jam with people like you on topics like leadership, relationships, self-awareness, and mindfulness. 

While I think like an empirical researcher with an MBA, my worldview, thoughts, and actions are shaped by the teachings of the Buddha. 

My work as a creative ritual designer focuses on integrating the inner and the outer using tools informed by modern psychology and ancient philosophies. I've officiated co-founder-weddings (contact me to ask me what that's about), taught active listening skills to engineers, created a variety of experiential workshops, all centering around revealing the sacred in the corporate.

I am here to guide people to deeper parts of themselves, to find meanings in life that were always felt, but never fully articulated. 


I am here to show people the interconnectedness of life and work so that even in times of stress and difficulty, we know, and trust, that we are exactly where we need to be. 

Let us surrender to the unknown of the future, forgive the instability of the past, and rest in the stillness of the here and now. 

Things I Am Good At



As a Ritual Designer, I have guided founders, engineers, leaders, and executives from a variety of industries, including Tech, Finance, Luxury Retail, Non-profit, etc.  

A huge influence on my work is through my experiences participating in and working at Group Relations Conferences to help people learn about the underlying dynamics of groups.


I am good at helping teams discover an implicit culture of the sacred and experience a side of work that is intricately tied to spirituality. Specifically, I use my experience as an academic researcher and a spiritual student to help teams create rituals and ceremonies around significant events at work, be it an anniversary of the business, a kick-off meeting with a major client, or a funeral for a failed project.

I believe that good business has to be done with intentionality. I can design experiences that awaken a sense of purpose that is only found by going within. 

I am a student and practitioner of Theravadan Buddhism. My work is often informed by my experiences of long silent retreats.


I integrate spirituality at work by creating immersive and intimate mindfulness experiences. 


You can meditate with me on Insight Timer or @buddha.bagel

Examples of previous collaboration: Life Trekkers, InterBeing LabInnerTable NYC.  

We can chat about creating a customized meditation experience for you/your community - contact me below.

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