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The Approach

I’m here to create experiences that remind you that spirituality at work is ordinary magic.

By working with me, I will teach you to speak so words are spoken as spells and seen as visions.

I will design ritualistic practices specifically for you and your team so work is grounded in a sense of community and meaning.

I will role model the principles through my being, words, and actions.

While progress is nonlinear, the way we work usually moves through a rhythm like so:

  • Deep Dive Sessions: Done in either 1:1 or a small group setting, I take on the role of a guide and coach to gain clarity on the situation at hand. 

  • Ritual Co-Creation: As the story unfolds, I listen for signs of what ritual will be of need. I bring these rituals to light and lead a creative session for us to work out the final details.

  • The Ceremony: Online or in-person, we carry out the ritual together. I will take on the role of a facilitator, holding space for the socio-emotional needs of the group.

May we be vessels of goodness.

May we surf the sea of vulnerability. 

May we think like our elders and act like our children.

May we walk each other home.

Customized Ritual Experience

I integrate my knowledge as an Organizational Psychologist and a spiritual seeker to design specific rituals for teams.  I've created uniquely emotional experiences at company off-sites and hosted workshops on psychological safety. 


A Theravada Buddhist, I use my own practice of contemplation and silence to create secular mindful experiences for companies. Listen to some of my meditations here.

Co-founder Relationship Counseling

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our work.

I work with leaders and co-founders in a setting like couples therapy to unpack emotional and relational challenges and recognize celebrations.


I've been a host and a guest on a range of platforms, including Clubhouse and Bright Live.

For in-person or virtual speaking engagements, please contact me.


Katerina Jeng, Co-founder, Spectacle


Angel is gifted at deep listening, intentional processing, and wise guidance in helping people access their highest selves. They have helped evolve my relationship with my business partner, helping create a company culture at Spectacle that is rife with love, kindness, honesty, rest, and progress—in other words, revolutionary in today's world. I highly recommend working with Angel if you are looking to establish meaningful rituals, create impactful change, or grow as a new paradigm leader. I look forward to learning from and growing with them for lifetimes to come! 

Let's work together

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