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Coaching and Ritual Cases

Every relationship at work weaves into each other to co-create a collective dynamic and culture that make or break the business. 


I have served as a business relationship guide to help leaders and co-founders move through challenges by seeing and hearing each other deeply and intently. 

Every milestone in the business carries a mystical charge that is ripe for initiation and intention setting.

I have created customized rituals based on the critical elements of an organization (i.e. leadership, team, vision, values, business offering) to address the spiritual, emotional, and psychological at work. 


Through these rituals and ceremonies, I work with my clients to cement intentions with actions and forge a more profound way to work.

Here are a few stories to be told:


A Marriage @ Spectacle

The Request:

Katerina and Niki, the Co-founders of Spectacle, an inclusive marketing agency, asked me to coach them as leaders to prepare for the next chapter of the business growth,

The Process:

After a series of 2:1 co-founder relationship counseling sessions, I knew that this relationship was ready for a commitment deeper and more soulful than a usual business pairing. To ritualize this, I designed a mindful vows-writing process for the co-founders of Spectacle, Niki and Katerina. Then, we invited the Spectacle community, including employees, supporters, and family, to a zoom wedding where I officiated the "marriage".

The Outcome:

People left the wedding in joyful tears. One even exclaimed that this had

revolutionized the way they thought business could be done.

I continue with a quarterly vows review session with the co-founder to hold space for challenges and celebrations in the business partnership.



An Opening Ceremony @ Nike

The Request:

For the first time ever, the Catalyst design team at Nike would gather in person for an off-site. The leadership team envisioned an opening day led with intention and attention so that the next two days of ideating and relationship building would be fruitful.

The Process:

I designed an Opening Ceremony for the team, which followed the mythical principle of quod est superius est sicut quod inferius, which translates to "As Above, So Below." 

The three-hour ceremony began with a meditative experience, followed by individual dreamwork, and closed with a group ceremony of vision-sharing. 

The Outcome:

Beyond just a working relationship, the team saw each other as complex, nuanced human beings with dreams and visions to fulfill. This led to an extended engagement with the team, and deeper, more creative ideas to be shared. 

Opening Ceremony

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