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Angel Hu (they/them)

I am a Ritual Designer who reconnects people with their psychological and emotional roots to rekindle relationships and culture at work. 

I serve as a spiritual guide for founders and leaders in tech and creative spaces to work with relational challenges and celebrate the beauty of business partnerships.


I collaborate with teams to customize ritualistic experiences that foster psychological safety, emotional connection, and a sense of belonging.

My Story

The traditional top-down, hierarchical, robotic way of working is meeting its inevitable threshold. Under pressure and overworked, 4.3 million employees in the U.S. resigned from their jobs, setting the record of the highest resignation rate in 20 years. People cited low pay, lack of advancements, and feelings of being disrespected as the top reasons.


As an Organizational Psychologist, I saw the Great Resignation as a problem simmering until the onset of a global pandemic to bring it to a full boil: the emotional, psychological, and the spiritual have long been neglected and malnourished at work because of a false assumption that the professional did not include the personal. The truth is - the two are intricately entwined. Instead of disconnecting the two, we have to integrate. 

To re-establish connection with each other, we must begin by tuning within.


To thrive as a whole, we must embody the values of a community at work.

As a person, I am energized by communal gatherings. As a Ritual Designer, I develop ideas through deep conversations. These conversations build communities. For communities to be healthy, there needs to be regular rituals. Each ritual clears the way on the path toward a better place in life and work. 

My work is at the intersection of leadership coaching and spirituality. I alchemize everyday work experiences to ones of deeper meaning and higher consciousness.

I do this work because my life depends on it and my ancestors demand it.

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